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Waterproof Plasma Lighter (2 PK)

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Waterproof Plasma Lighter are smokeless and flameless lighters you can bring with you anywhere. They are safe to use and come with features that are not commonly built with these lighters.
The Waterproof Plasma Lighter is the lighter you’d want with you when camping.
Waterproof Plasma Lighter, unlike regular lighters, does not use sparks and fuels. They work an electrical arc develops between ceramic electrodes. This arc is by far hotter than a flame and would light materials faster. 
Waterproof Plasma Lighter it is far safer than the typical lighter because it does not contain any flammable liquid. It also does not create big flames. It has the safety features that prevent electrical arcs from forming when it’s closed. They also won’t be affected by the wind and cause havoc once a spark flies off somewhere.
Waterproof Plasma Lighter has a battery that recharges, and if you’re bringing power banks when camping out, it’ll juice up on power nicely. You may even charge it through your PC, laptop, and with your car’s cigarette lighter. 
  • The internal lithium-ion battery eliminates the need for liquid fuel, and it can be easily recharged via any USB port using the included cord. It can also be used at all altitudes without requiring oxygen intake adjustment.
  • Buoyant, waterproof wilderness lighter with O-ring sealed cover and locking clasp; durable, impact-resistant ABS Zinc alloy case, Windproof flame can withstand winds up to 80 mph (129 km/H).
  • Featuring an impact-resistant ABS Zinc alloy design, the top clips securely closed to keep out water and the elements. the lighter offers easy push-button operation for quick-fire starting in any conditions.
  • Easy starting with the simple push-button operation, it has a convenient blue indicator that lights when in use and a 10-second time-out safety feature.
  • The waterproof electric lighter ignition sparks a flame even in wet conditions. Compact lighter is nicely pocketable, great for backpacking, hunting, and hiking.
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